DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP - Solar screw pump is used to provide sheep drinking water

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DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP - Solar screw pump is used to provide sheep drinking water
Issue Time:2019-07-04

Australia is a country where agriculture and animal husbandry have reached amazing levels! Australia is known as the “country riding on the back of the sheep” and is the world's largest exporter of wool and beef. There are 178,000 farms and ranches in Australia, including 27,000 farming and animal husbandry and 84,000 pure animal husbandry.

Mr. Leon is a rancher. He runs a family ranch and has raised more than 1,000 sheep. This ranch is the main source of income for their families to maintain their lives.Livestock, production and livelihoods are severely affected when rainfall is low.

Recently, Mr. Leon found us. He wants to buy a solar submersible pump to provide drinking water for the sheep in the ranch.He hopes to buy our solar water pump and pumping water from the underground to solve the problem of drinking water when the rainfall is insufficient. The staff of DIFFUL PUMP advised Mr. Leon to purchase a 210W DC solar screw pump. This solar submersible screw pump is an all-stainless steel pump with long service life, less solar panels required and cost-effective. Mr. Leon stated that he is very satisfied with our pumps and services.

DIFFUL PUMP specializes in producing all kinds of solar water pumps. Such as solar submersible pumps, solar pool pumps, solar surface pumps, solar aeration pumps, etc. DIFFUL always wins the trust of customers with high quality service and high quality products. DIFFUL will continue to provide customers with better products and more affordable prices.


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