DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP - Correct installation, use and maintenance of the aerator

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DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP - Correct installation, use and maintenance of the aerator

Issue Time:2019-06-17

Aerators are commonly used in aquaculture, and how to properly use and maintain aerators is a must for fish farmers. The types of aerators are impeller type, waterwheel type, jet type, inflatable type, spray type and the like.
At present, fish farmers often use impeller aerators. The impeller aerator has three functions of aeration, water aeration and aeration.
The model of the aerator is to be matched with the water depth and area of ​​the pond, but the water depth is mainly considered. The 3kw impeller aerator is suitable for water depths from 1.5 to 2.0 m.

solar impeller aerator

How to properly install the aerator?
1. Always turn off the power before installing the aerator.
2. The cable should not be able to withstand the tension in the pool. Do not pull the cable as a rope and do not drop into the water.
3. The aerator should be installed in the center of the pond and in the upper wind.
4. The aerator has a large torque when it is working. It should be fully fixed. It is usually pulled by a nylon rope with a diameter of 7 mm or more and fixed by the plunger at the edge of the pool.

How to use the aerator.
When using an aerator, it is generally not necessary to start all day, as long as it is activated for a period of time in one or two key periods.
Turn it on at noon on a sunny day, and turn it on at 1~3 o'clock in the afternoon. The main purpose of booting at this time is to stir the water.
On the cloudy day, the next morning, the boot time is 3~5 in the morning. The density of the fish is large, and the pond with water and fertilizer can be opened earlier, and vice versa. At this time, the main purpose of starting up is to directly increase oxygen. Cloudy photosynthesis is weak, and pool water has very little oxygen reserves. The time to start is usually about 3 hours.
When the rain is continuous or there is a serious risk of floating head due to water and fat fish, etc., it is usually turned on before and after the floating head, and it continues to move to the sunrise.

Daily maintenance of the aerator
1. Always check the ropes of the fixed aerator and the positioning rod and each screw of the aerator for looseness and tightening.
2. Check the power supply regularly, and if the line is in poor contact, the motor will run in single phase.
3. The attachment on the aerator of the aerator should be removed in time to prevent increased motor load and overload operation.
4. Regularly check the reducer for oil leakage. If you find that the aerator has abnormal sound or vibration, stop working immediately and check if the wearing parts such as the bearing oil seal are loose or damaged.

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