DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP--What are the conditions for the use of sewage pumps?

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DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP--What are the conditions for the use of sewage pumps?

Issue Time:2019-05-06
                                        What are the conditions for the use of sewage pumps?
As for sewage pumps, it can be seen from the naming that the function of this pump is to discharge sewage. As far as sewage is concerned, we all know that there are many kinds of sewage, such as domestic sewage, industrial sewage, chemical sewage and so on. However, we used to treat these sewage manually or discharged at will. But now because of the seriousness of environmental pollution, our sewage treatment has also received special attention. At the same time, in order to reduce manual participation in sewage discharge, sewage pumps are selected to discharge sewage to meet the standards.

So what are the conditions when using sewage pumps? First of all, we need to consider the temperature of the medium to be pumped. If the general sewage pump is selected, the temperature can not reach 50 C, and the pH value can not exceed 5-9. Once exceeding this degree, the pump may be corroded, and the motor part can not be exposed more than 1/2 of the page.There is also a requirement for media should be explained in advance, such as media containing gloves, plastic bags and other impurities when you have to choose sewage pumps with cutting knives. When the pH value exceeds 5 to 9, the rust steel water pump will be replaced. If the water temperature exceeds 50 C, the high temperature resistant sewage pump will be selected.

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