DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP--How to convert a standard Fountain into a Solar Foundation

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DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP--How to convert a standard Fountain into a Solar Foundation
Issue Time:2019-04-26
How to convert a standard Fountain into a Solar Foundation

Going green in your garden nowadays does not only mean the color of plantings, but implementing environmentally friendly and cost-effective methods to beautify your landscape. Aside from choosing drought-tolerant plantings to save water, add features that can save electricity. Fountains that run on electric pumps can waste energy and money, especially when left running all day. Converting a standard fountain into a solar-powered fountain helps save energy and money while giving your garden a soothing and peaceful ambience.

Removing old foundation

Remove the water and other water features such as pebbles, water plants and decorations.

Trace the electric line or cable underneath or behind the fountain. Some fountains come with wires built-in making them a little difficult to remove. Loosen or disconnect the wire from the pump and cut the wires as close to the electric pump as possible, using a wire cutter.

Installing Solar Pump Kit

Place the new pump in the place where the old pump sat. Use a clamp or put a rock to anchor it in place.Connect the tubing to the pump. Make sure it is free of debris.

Run the pump wire underneath or behind the fountain. Camouflage with rocks and plants to hide it from view. If the solar panel has a long connection cord, put it on any unobstructed location that it can reach.

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