DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP-- Reasons for Overheating of Stainless Steel Submersible Pump Motor and Treatment Method

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DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP-- Reasons for Overheating of Stainless Steel Submersible Pump Motor and Treatment Method

Issue Time:2019-04-17
Reasons for Overheating of Stainless Steel Submersible Pump Motor and Treatment Method

The temperature rise of stainless steel submersible pump motor is too high when it is running, which not only shortens its service life, but also causes fire when it is serious. Stainless steel submersible pump motor overheating is often a comprehensive manifestation of motor failure, but also the main cause of motor damage. Motor overheating, first of all, we need to find the heat source, that is, which parts of the heating caused, and then find out the causes of these parts overheating.
If the driving belt is too tight and the rotating shaft is not flexible, the motor of stainless steel submersible pump can be overloaded for a long time. At this time, mechanical maintenance personnel should be asked to loosen properly the transmission belt, dismantle and check the flexibility of the rotating shaft of the mechanical equipment, and try to adjust the load to keep the motor running under the rated load state.
 Harsh working environment
If the motor is exposed to sunlight, the ambient temperature exceeds 40 C, or operates under the condition of poor ventilation, it will cause the temperature rise of the motor to be high. It can be shaded by a simple arbor or blower or fan. More attention should be paid to removing oil and dust from the ventilation duct of the motor itself in order to improve the cooling conditions.
 Power supply voltage is too high or too low
The rated power of the motor can be kept unchanged when the power supply voltage varies from - 5% to + 10%. If the power supply voltage exceeds 10% of the rated voltage, the flux density of the core will increase sharply, and the iron loss will increase, which will lead to the overheating of the motor. Specific inspection method is to use AC voltmeter to measure bus voltage or motor terminal voltage, if the cause of grid voltage, should be reflected to the power supply department to solve; if the circuit voltage drop is too large, should replace the larger cross-sectional area of the wire and shorten the distance between the motor and the power supply.
Power Supply Phase Break
If the power supply is out of phase and the motor operates in single phase, the winding of the motor will be heated sharply in a short time, which will lead to burnout. Therefore, the fuse and switch condition of the motor should be checked first, and then the front circuit should be measured with a multimeter.
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