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DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP--How to Identify High Quality Solar Water Pumps

DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP--How to Identify High Quality Solar Water Pumps
Issue Time:2019-02-26
How to Identify High Quality Solar Water Pumps
First of all, depending on the material, high-quality solar pumps are made of 304 stainless steel with a glossy surface, which is not easy to rust in long-term use, while inferior products will rust after a period of time, short service life and poor quality of pumped water.
               Max Flow:6.0m3/h
               Max Head:56m

The quality of motor is very important.
Compared with ordinary brushless motors, DIFFUL uses 
 motors with low noise, smooth operation, long life and low maintenance costs.
        DC brushless solar water pump
              Max Flow:25.0m3/h
              Max Head:25m

solar bore pump with MPPT controller
Controller can effectively ensure the normal operation of solar water pump. DIFFUL controller has many advanced technologies, such as MTTP. IP65 waterproof and waterless protection, etc., which greatly improves the service life of solar water pump.
                 Max Flow:3.0m3/h
                 Max Head:65m

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