DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP - Submersible pump common faults and solutions

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DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP - Submersible pump common faults and solutions

Issue Time:2018-12-26

Submersible pumps often encounter problems such as oil leakage, low lift, low speed, Impeller does not turn, and low flow.Submersible pumps are widely used in agricultural irrigation and domestic water supply. Due to the long-term submersible work of the pump body, coupled with poor water quality in some areas and insufficient maintenance experience, the failure rate is high.

difful solar submersible pump

First, the submersible pump common fault

1. Submersible pump oil leakage: mainly due to the serious wear of the seal box, resulting in oil leakage in the sealed box oil chamber or poor sealing at the outlet box.

2. The submersible pump impeller has a low speed and the lift is not reached. This situation may be incorrect wiring, it is recommended to change the fire line. It is also possible that the submersible pump is inferior and the lift is not reached.

3. After the submersible pump is energized, the impeller does not turn. Turn off the power and turn the impeller at the water inlet. If it does not move, the rotor is stuck. If the impeller can be moved, but the impeller does not turn after being energized, the cause of the fault may be severe wear of the bearing. The magnetism generated by the stat or when energized will attract the rotor and cannot rotate.

4. The submersible pump has low flow. The lower end of the pump is loose between the shaft and the bearing, and the rotor moves down.Therefore, the rotor is weak and the output power is small.


Second, the submersible pump maintenance precautions

1. The disassembly method should be correct. Before disassembly, mark the joint between the front and rear end caps and the base.Because the assembly of the motor at the factory is quite reasonable, if it is not assembled as it is after repair, it may cause a slight error and cause the shaft to be less flexible.

2. Adjust the position of the limit screw. Care must be taken when adjusting, so that the rotor can rotate freely and the no-load current is minimal. Then tighten the lock nut.

3, the waterproof insulation of the joint should be handled well. Strip the sheath and insulation at the joint, remove the paint layer and oxide layer on the surface of the copper wire, and then solder. Remove the sharp corners, burrs and soldering fluid, and pack 6 layers with a polyethylene strip. Then use a two-layer laminate of a rayon adhesive tape as a mechanical protective layer.

4. Prepare the work before the power-on test. The motor cavity must be filled with water or rust preventive buffer before the test. The role is to cool the windings and lubricate the bearings. Otherwise the motor windings will burn out quickly. When not in use in winter, drain the water from the motor to prevent cracking of the pump body.

5. The submersible pump should use the polyethylene insulated nylon sheath water-resistant electromagnetic wire produced by the regular manufacturer. The pump should be suspended vertically into the water. The maximum tilt angle should not exceed 15°. the use of horizontal release will greatly shorten the service life of the water pump.


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