DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP - What Are The Principles for Choosing A Centrifugal Pump?

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DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP - What Are The Principles for Choosing A Centrifugal Pump?

Issue Time:2018-12-11

Centrifugal pumps In the application process, we need to choose the right model. In the process of selecting the model, it is also necessary to adhere to the corresponding principle. This will really ensure the economic security of the selected equipment, and it is applicable.

The specific principles are as follows:


1. For the selection of stainless steel centrifugal pumps, we need to consider specific equipment, flow, head pressure and temperature parameters. Different equipment, specific parameters will be different. Know the specifics of these devices correctly, and pay attention to the corresponding parameters before making a choice.


2. The parameters of the equipment are the same, but the technology inherent in the centrifugal pump is different. Therefore, there are noise and vibration in reliability, and the data in these aspects will also differ. In the process of making choices, we try to choose equipment with higher reliability, lower noise and less vibration. In the application process,we can bring more protection.


3. When choosing a centrifugal pump, consider economic factors. In particular, recognize the cost of the equipment during operation.This includes the price of the equipment purchased, as well as the cost of use,subsequent maintenance and management costs. Some devices are cheaper to buy,but the subsequent management and maintenance costs are more expensive, which will affect our long-term use.


Therefore, in the process of selecting a centrifugal pump, we should correctly consider these specific aspects. This will allow for better application.


difful solar submersible pump

DIFFUL pump industry product advantages:

1.DIFFUL pump industry was established in 1989, with mature technology and high reliability.

2. The product adopts Japanese NSK bearing, 304 S/S shaft and alloy mechanical seal, which has long service life and reliable operation.

3. DIFFUL pump products are easy to install and have low maintenance and management costs.


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