DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP- The Combination of Solar Water Pump and Solar Panel

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DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP- The Combination of Solar Water Pump and Solar Panel
Issue Time:2018-11-16

Solar water pump system - the combination of solar water pump and solar panel

Solar water pumps can be divided into AC solar water pumps and DC solar water pumps.

AC solar water pump:

In the presence of sunlight, solar panels generate DC power.The dedicated inverter can convert the direct current generated by solar energy into an alternating current that can be used by an AC solar water pump. At the same time, the inverter assumes the role of a controller for the AC solar water pump.


 DC solar water pump:

DC solar water pumps can directly use the direct current generated by solar panels. If you want to ensure that the pump can also run when the sun is weak, you must add a solar controller. This provides a large instantaneous starting current in the case of a slightly weaker sun. The DC pump has high efficiency, high speed, high lift, small size and more safety.

Today, many farmers use solar photo voltaic pump systems to irrigate crops. The solar pump system is not only environmentally friendly, but also helps them solve the problem of agricultural irrigation.

 Traditional agricultural irrigation is done by a diesel-driven water pump. The cost of diesel is very expensive and very bad for the environment. However, there is now a clean and environmentally friendly solution for agricultural irrigation - solar photo voltaic agricultural irrigation systems. The Difful pump industry specializes in the development and production of solar water pumps to provide farmers with clean agricultural irrigation solutions.


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