DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP- The Working Principle of The Screw Pump

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DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP- The Working Principle of The Screw Pump

Issue Time:2018-10-29

The screw pump is a rotary pump that relies on the volume change and movement of the mesh space formed by the pump body and the screw to transport or pressurize the liquid. The working principle of the screw pump is similar to that of the gear pump, except that the gear is replaced by a screw in the structure. The screw pump has a small flow and pressure pulse, low noise and vibration, and self-priming capability.

difful solar screw pump

The screw pump is divided into a single screw pump, a twin screw pump and a three screw pump according to the number of screws.

The working principle of the single screw pump: When the motor drives the pump shaft to rotate, the screw rotates on its own axis on the one hand, and on the other hand it rolls along the inner surface of the bushing, thus forming a sealed chamber of the pump. Each revolution of the screw, the liquid in the sealed chamber advances a pitch. As the screw rotates continuously, the liquid spirals from one sealed chamber to the other, and finally the pump body is extruded.

The working principle of the twin-screw pump: when the driving screw rotates, it drives the driven screw that meshes with it to rotate together. The volume of the screw meshing space at one end of the suction chamber is gradually increased, and the pressure is lowered. The liquid enters the volume of the meshing space under the pressure difference. When the volume is increased to a maximum to form a sealed chamber, the liquid is continuously moved axially within the sealed chambers until the end of the chamber is removed. At this time, the screw meshing space volume at one end of the discharge chamber is gradually reduced, and the liquid is discharged.

The working principle of the three-screw pump: due to the mutual meshing of the screws and the close cooperation of the screw and the inner wall of the liner, it is divided into one or more sealed spaces between the suction port and the discharge port of the pump. As the screw rotates and engages, these sealed spaces are continuously formed at the suction end of the pump, enclosing the liquid in the suction chamber therein. And continuously from the suction chamber in the axial direction of the screw to the discharge end, the liquid enclosed in each space is continuously discharged.



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