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DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP-How much do you know about DC solar water pump?

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DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP-How much do you know about DC solar water pump?
Issue Time:2018-05-03

DC Solarwater pump is also called photovoltaic lift system. Itis mainly composed of controller, DC pumps and solar panels. Thesolar water pump system is fully automatic and does not need to be on duty. Nopower supply is required. The solar water pump system directly drives pumpwater pumping. The operation is stable, and the construction and maintenancecosts of the system are greatly reduced.

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The main component features include:

1, solar panels

It is made up of several solar panels connectedin series and in parallel to absorb sunlight radiation energy and convert itinto electrical energy. It is using solar power to provide power for the entiresystem.

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2, solar waterpump controller

Real-time controland adjustment of the system's operation. When the sunshine is sufficient, therated operation of the system is ensured. When the sunshine is insufficient,the minimum operating frequency is set to be satisfied. Ensure the fullapplication of solar power.

DIFFUL solar MPPT controller was designed withover-load, over-current and high temperature protection. To protect the motor,it was matched with protector to advoid surge current when start working.

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3, water pump

Water can bepumped from deep wells, rivers, lakes, etc. into a water tank or water pool ordirectly connected to irrigation or fountain systems. DC solar pumps, surfacesolar pumps, submersible pumps, solar pool pumps, and deep well pumps can allbe used.

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