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DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP---New promo photo for dc bore solar pumping

DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP---New promo photo for dc bore solar pumping
Issue Time:2018-03-27

When there comes the beautiful weather and soft sunlight, means the sales season of solar pumps is coming. 

Yesterday, we organized an outdoor activities to take photos of our dc solar pump. To make it more looks more beautiful and vivid, we chose a park and museum as the first station to take these photos.

24v dc solar submersible pump

To expand the sales market, our company recruit some more as salesmen to build up the integrated sales group, lets see the New sales team in difful branch sales department in Ningbo.

4 inch solar powered pump

till Now, we have pushed out more than 50 kinds of different models for our dc solar bore pump, which includes 3 inch plastic impeller type solar pump, 4 inch plastic impeller solar pumps, 4 inch stainless steel impeller solar powered pumps and 3 inch helical solar bore pumps, from voltage 12V to 110V, and motor input power from 80watt to 1500watt. At present, we can do the max head to 203meters and max discharge rate 19000liters/hour, achieved the irrigation for large area farm land. Our company turns to solving the irrigation problems for those power shortage but great agricultural countries. Our target is to help more farmers to save cost but reach high efficiency.

if you have any interests to our dc solar pumping ,please feel free to contact us.


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