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DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP---Agriculture gets solar push with 90% subsidy

DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP---Agriculture gets solar push with 90% subsidy
Issue Time:2017-12-26

Tamil Nadu is a water stressed state and depends heavily on ground water for irrigation. The power consumption by agriculture sector is 20.2% with 20.62 lakh agricultural connections, data from the state's energy department shows. About 4.3 lakh farmers are waiting for new free power connections, when only 40,000 connections (approximately) are given every year.  

"The tender will be opened on December 18. The manufacturer should maintain the solar pumping system for 5 years," officials at state's Agricultural engineering Department (AED), the nodal agency for this scheme told TOI. The only condition for the farmer, who is on the waitlist with DIFFUL.

An existing free power connection holder can also go solar, if he gives up the connection.

"They have to pay us a demand draft for the 10%, everything will be taken care by the Agriculture Engineering Department (AED)," officials said. The tender is for supply of pumps between 5HP and 10HP.

AED will issue work order to the company, which will take up the installation of the system. On completion of installation and satisfactory commissioning of the system which will be ascertained by joint inspection of the installed system by AED officials in the presence of farmers and company representative, the subsidy amount of 90% will be released to the companies by the AED.


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