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DIFFUL PUMP---Notification of pump price rising

DIFFUL PUMP---Notification of pump price rising
Issue Time:2017-09-06

I am sorry to inform that the material cost in China like Iron, steel, and brass keep rising rapidly and the exchange rate from US dollar to Chinese CNY is declining 

Till now, the material cost has increased about 5%, and the USD rate declined to 6.515 today since it was 6.8 in June 2017. It is really adverse for all the export enterprise, and many factories have to increase the price accordingly.

Besides, You must hear that the inspection of environmental protection is in progress in China, and many package and small factories closed due to that, which will cause the delay of your delivery time.

Please find that the tendency is still in going up, so to save your cost and time, if you have purchasing plan recently,  you would better to place your order ahead of planned schedule during these days, and your earlier order will bring earlier delivery time. 


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