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Issue Time:2017-07-20

Last week, our company togeher with the colleague from taizhou headquater attended an activity which was called"TEAM BUILDING". Nowadays comes to the low season of solar pump sales,but in South America, there a big market of solar pump. For one thing, we want to promote our sales ability through such an interesting actitive(we learned from fun), For another thing, in fact, we have rare customers from South American purchasing solar bore pumps, so, our company decided to open the market in South Africa, till now, we have clients from Chile and Brazil. However, it is not enough, we pushed out the Screw type solar pump for the countries in the Southern Hemisphere.

In the morning, we were distributed task of selling water, each of us has a bottle of water but nothing except for this bottle of water. We have to solve the lunch problem and the travelling expenses only based on this bottle of water. 9.00 clock, all of our colleague together with the colleagues from Taizhou company were sent to the city center in Wenling and begain the chanllenge of urban living.

We were divided into four groups to sell the water, in the strange area, we have no friends can help, in such a hot summer, we have no moeny, we have water but can not drink. Times went by seconds and seconds. we must sell the water in high price so that we can buy more and sell. Although, we met many problems, most of strangers may reject, but thanks to the cooperation with colleagues, we sold eight bottles of water in 5 Yuan of each, then bought 2 cartons total 24 bottles of water. Finally, we earned 136 yuan just depends on the only bottle of water.

Through this activitiy, we learned a lot, first, we come over the problem in strange area, and the rejection from strangers. Surely, we learned the skill of selling only for begging but for thoese people who really need. Then, if you can truly help them, the price is not the problem for them to reject you.

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