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DIFFUL COMPANY----solar air conditioner in dingfeng

DIFFUL COMPANY----solar air conditioner in dingfeng
Issue Time:2017-06-06

Zhejiang dingfeng electrical appliance Co,. Ltd used to be Wenling shanshi capacitor factory. Our company predecessor was named as capacitor factory for water pumps. With the development of our company, we begin to set foot to electrical submersible deep well pumps and solar submersible pumps, and our new factory for solar pumps was also founded in our old factory. Then removed the water pump device to a new workshop. To extend the volume of business, our branch company was founded in Ningbo last year. In this month, we held a meeting about exploiting new product fields. With the experience of selling capacitor, we supplied capacitor for the factory who produced solar air conditioner. On the meeting, we decided to switched role as a trade company of solar air conditioner. This project is still under discussing. for some solar pumps dealer may also need solar air conditioner.  

To make those clients who need both solar pumps and solar air conditioners, we found a cooperated supplier and decided to purchase solar conditioners from them. This project will be done by this month, if the plan was passed through. We will upload the products, if you have any requirements, welcome to make an inquiry.

If you have any interests to our solar power pump, please feel free to contact us.


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