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DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP----The first batch of DC brushless solar pump in new workshop

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DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP----The first batch of DC brushless solar pump in new workshop
Issue Time:2017-06-02

Since April, our factory device was removed to the new workshop, our new workshop plays the role in the main manufacturing base of DC brushless solar pump. Two weeks after  removing, all the machine was ready and became to  put on production. Last week, an India client came to visit our factory, while our first batch DC brushless solar pumps were under making. This clients are used for doing AC solar pump business, it is his first time to purchase DC  solar pump. Our brand-new work shop and advanced device really attracted his eyes. Without any long-playing discussion, we leaded him to acquaint our workshop and solar pumps and finally met agreement for the first order.4inch DC brushless solar pump

In fact, with our new type 4inch solar pump being pushed out, it really aroused many new and old customers' interests, by the end of May, there were more than 300 PCS new type 4 inch DC solar pumps were as the first batch order in our new factory. Till now, the one of the first batch order was finished and ready to be delivered.

If you have any interests to our solar power pump, please feel free to contact us.


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