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DIFFUL WATER PUMP---Company Journey in Wenzhou

DIFFUL WATER PUMP---Company Journey in Wenzhou
Issue Time:2017-04-05

During the Tomb-sweeping holiday, our company organized a activity to have a two days-journey in Wenzhou city. To enhance the team power, our boss organized such a significant activity outdoors. On the first day we arrived at nanxijiang beauty spot and get together to have a lunch, then arrange some stuff about accommodation. In the afternoon, our salesmen are divided into four groups and joined some funny games.

Immersed in the laughing and we ended the first day in Wenzhou.

The second day, our boss invite a famous lecturer from alibaba Mr Tim to share his sales experience when he worked as a foreign salesman, from whom, we learned a lot skills as a salesman. How to communicate with our clients, in the sales circle, there is not only the business relationship with our clients, but also we are friends. He taught us how to make friends when we do business. Till now,I have been working for DIFFUL PUMP for 2 years, i also have some friend s and we know each other for his purchasing of our solar pumps. However, i don't know how to keep the long term relationship with foreign friends, even we may just chat on whatsapp or skype. Then, some of them, we may add facebook or twitter. We talked about our daily life, our family, some Chinese traditional festival. We may even exchange our country culture, but we have rare chance to meet and have a cup of coffee.

After listening Mr Tim's speech, we learned a lot, even we have a thoughtfulness to come to our clients(old friend)' country and visit them. We have a client in Yemen, he is a big solar pump dealer, and he is the regular customer of our company, we have cooperated for 2 years. However, the technology in their country is comparatively behindhand. For our first cooperation, we sent our engineer to their country and helped them to install and simply maintain. So, our plan is to visit those old friends like him.

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Finally, each of us set goal in the next new sales season to end this significant trip in Wenzhou. Welcome to inquiry, we will give you the best price and best service.

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