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DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP----Shandong "Mother shame " homicides case2014

DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP----Shandong "Mother shame " homicides case2014
Issue Time:2017-03-27

Recent days have witnessed a Homicide case which aroused the whole society attention in China. 

April, 2014, the chief of DaYuan Industry and trade company ask Wu real estate bosses for borrowing money with usury, (10% interest per mensem), totally 1.35 million. In 2015, the chief Su repayed the dept with  1.52 million, but there was still outstanding 170 thousand. To dun Su for payment of debt, Wu sent 6-7 people to assault and insult Su and her son. At first, Wu asked his heeler to shit in the closestool and pressed Su'head into closetool and forced her to eat shit.

After that, the Wu sent his heeler to monitor all the day, during the period, Wu pressed for payment with the methods of violence and threatens. In order to protect self-security, Su called the Mayor's hotline and the police many times, but failed to received any effective safeguard procedures. In 14th April 2016, the situation was increased yet further, Wu came to Su's company with 11 people, and shut Su and her son in a room to assault and insult them. They hit them with slapping them in the face. Su's son Yuhuan was hit in coward silence, they took off Yu's shoes and use Yu's shoes covered Su's month. Even, one of them exposed his genitals to insult Su. What happens all comes into Yuhuan' aunt 's eyes, she called the police. When the police arrived, they just said "It is OK to ask for dept, but can not beat up " then, left. Seeing the final life-saving straw left, Yuhuan attempted to get out with police but was discouraged. Desperately, Yuhan took up the nearest knife to haggle and caused four people hurt and one people dead. 

Then, Yuhuan was accused to be sent up for life, which aroused social attention. Nowadays, it becomes the hot and controversial topic on Weibo, due to which, the superior people's court decided to rehearing this case openly in 2017 26th March.

China is a state with an adequate legal system, we believe that the legal will give yuhuan and society an impartiality.

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