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DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP--- Ningbo Railway Station

DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP--- Ningbo Railway Station
Issue Time:2017-03-14

15th September 2012, is the day of my first time to be Ningbo, where i have yearned for 3 years in my high school life. I am here to learn my college life. Where the first land in Ningbo i have toughed is Ningbo railway station, on which i felt the deepest delight for i will have a bright prospect in Ningbo (Just i want to stay and earn my living in such a beautiful land after graduation

After ending two years college life in Hangzhou bay campus, i came to Ningbo again. The same feeling to the first time i was here when i arrived Ningbo railway station again. But this time, there was something different, their was a girl staying at Ningbo railway station and waiting for me, who changed my next two year college life. She is a ningbo girl with big shining eyes which attracted me most. From that time forth, every time came back to ningbo, there always a girl stand ningbo railway station waiting for me. Always, I can saw her the first time when i get off the train. Unconsciously, it becomes an indispensable part in my life. When i miss her, the first place i can image is Ningbo railway station. Till one day, we broke up, and i resigned back to my home with endless sorrow.

With reluctant to leave, i just think i never come back anymore. However, there is one thing can not be hided,--- endless missing, for which i suffered a lot of struggling and pain in my inner heart. Without love, i have many friends in Ningbo, after consideration, i decided to came back, but this time nobody stay there waiting for me. Since that, new feeling to ningbo now, then i came to Zhejiang Dingfeng electrical company working for DIFFUL solar pump.

With new cognition to ningbo, i was immersed in working. The railway station means nothing to me anymore, it is normal, after that, i came to railway station many times but with different feelings and thinking for i have forgotten who i am, how i can hold my inner clam. 

One day, when i came back from business, i saw a girl staying on ningbo railway station waiting for me, for that moment, i found i love her, love ningbo, i love ningbo railway station. She is different, and i found one's affection can be changed such easily. But when i realized she is the true love, all what i suffered before means nothing to me.

Life is always going on, why not follow up.


This is Scott from DIFFUL solar pump, if you have some interesting want to share or any requirements to the solar pump, please contact with me directly.


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