Water pump mechanical seal leakage reason and solution.

Water pump mechanical seal leakage reason and solution.

Update Time:2018-11-01

 There are many reasons for the water leakage of the pump, mainly because the mechanical seal leaks.

The causes and solutions for leakage of mechanical seals are:

1. The test run does not first fill the pump with water or run out of water during use.

Solution: Check the mechanical seal damage, replace the mechanical seal, and cultivate the correct operation method.

2. The machine seal is too tight or too loose.

Solution: Check the dynamic and static rings of the machine seal. If there are no grinding or scratches, you can re-install the adjustment. If the moving and stationary rings of the machine seal have been worn or scratched,replace the new machine seal. Check if the length of the bushing meets the requirements, or if the seal of the machine-sealed wave tube or O-ring is too loose, too large, and out of specification. The bearing is damaged and the bearing is replaced. There are errors in the bearing gland, suspension,spindle, etc., and the parts with poor size are replaced.

3. The liquid contains particles.

Solution: There are debris, welding slag or sediment in the pump chamber and the sealing chamber, which will cause damage to the machine seal and the machine seal must be replaced.

4. The selection is not correct (the machine seal that is suitable for the use condition is not selected according to the use requirements,especially the environment for conveying the corrosive liquid).

Solution: Re-select the machine seal suitable for the conditions of use according to the temperature, composition and corrosiveness of the liquid.

5. The quality of the machine seal itself.

If there is a part to be replaced, it will be replaced immediately;if there is no replacement part, the whole set will be replaced.



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