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Difful's Solar Pump Controller Experience
Difful solar water pump system is designed to be easy for customers and technicians to operate.

Controller Series

All systems have a digital controller which controls the pumping system and provides information on what the system is doing.The LED on the controller shows the pump status, speed, common errors, switch status, users can easily grasp the operation status of the pump system.

Advantages of the Solar Pump Controller

  • Wide open circuit voltage range
  • Ambient temperature: -15℃~60℃
  • MPPT function, the solar power utilization rate is higher.
  • LED displays the working condition: power, voltage, current, speed, etc.
  • It can automatically adjust the speed for operation according to the sunlight power, and can also manually adjust the speed for operation according to actual demand.
  • Automatic startup and shutdown, without personnel on duty.
  • Soft start: No impulse current, protect the pump motor.

Advanced Solar Pump Controller Production Line

Innovative Technology-leading Solar Pump Manufacturer
Modern workshop
Dust-free production workshop with stable temperature and humidity
High-quality detector equipment
High-precision solder paste printing machine, SPI inspection machine, Samsung placement machine and other imported brand equipment to ensure the quality of circuit boards
Sufficient production capacity
The production capacity of the equipment is sufficient, the delivery time of the products is stable and short.

SPI Machine

SPI machine checks the amount of solder paste on the PCB and the uniformity of the solder paste coating.

AOI Machine

AOI machine scans and inspects the PCB to ensure the correct placement of all components.

ICT Testing

Every circuit board will be tested by ICT to detect the defective rate and failure rate of components.

FCT Testing

Every circuit board will be connected to a water pump for FCT testing to ensure the stability of product quality.

High Temperature Resistance and Aging Test

Every circuit board will undergo a long-term high temperature resistance and aging test to ensure the quality of the controller.

R&D and Production of the Controller

Difful has a professional product research and development team, constantly developing new products, adding new product functions, and being able to quickly respond to R&D to meet the customized needs of different customers.

R&D and Production of the Controller

At the same time, the independent production of the controller greatly controls the cost of the product and creates more profits for customers.

Solar Submersible Pump Services

Innovative Technology-leading Solar Pump Manufacturer

Pre-sale Service

  • 24 hours online, response within 1 hour
  • Provide complete solutions
  • Support Distribution, OEM, ODM

Enforcing Contracts

  • Standardized service process
  • Professional product inspection before leaving the factory
  • Provide order tracking and logistics tracking

After-sale Service

  • 2 years warranty; provide solutions within 24 hours
  • Provide installation, maintenance and repair videos
  • Online training available

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