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Don't wanna talk about solar pumps today

Don't wanna talk about solar pumps today
Issue Time:2017-02-17

Alright, my work is to sell solar submersible pumps to earn my living, but now i still don't want to talk about solar pumps. Anyway, if you need solar pumps, then please feel free to contact with me in terms of the bottom contact numbers, i am always online to serve for you.  

The day before yesterday, I wrote an article in my website giving my point of view to the hot topic on Weibo "A man divorced with being sent away empty for his first lover who is suffering terminal ill". Now, I regretfully failed to court her, just because of the different cognition to the same point. The other days, there was a very popular south Korean TV soap coming into our life with the funny drama, which aroused my attention. There was a line "Do you like Messi(a famous football athlete )". It not means whether you like Messi purely, just for a girl like you then to ask you so as to express her feeling, her affection that she likes you. This may be the directly way for a bashful girl to convey her love. In other words, literally,  girls may childishly think most of boys like football, then want to find some common topics. or they just want to have the same cognition to one point.

"I don't like Messi, I like you " this is the best answer, but rare boys can imagine. Many stupid boys like me, can not surmise what a girl thought which causes the estrangement in relationship between the two. So, if i like you i would like to change myself to meet the same cognition, but the precondition is we should exchange our view. So, shall we talk ? I will disclose all what i think, all what i know, all what i want to tell without any concealing. I also want to know what you think about in your inner heart, what you feels when you are unhappy, what your opinion is so that i can change. Sometimes, How i would like to  be an audient for you. How i would like to comfort you when suffered pain. How i would like to lend you my shoulder when you feel tired. Do not need anything, just for accompanying silently. So, shall we talk ? I just wanna know more about you for one day, if you need me i can appear immediately.

Just like, you don't need to ask me whether i like Messi or not, that's enough that i know you like Yuyan Peng & Yanzu Wu. I will become their fan to watch their movies and know something about them. That's what i can change for you so shall we talk ? What is your cognition ? Absolutely, no matter what you think about, i will be always there and like you, just for if i can not change my mind, i will cater your mind. 张爱玲说喜欢一个人会变得很卑微,低到尘埃里开出花来. That's too exaggerated. I think "like" has a degree, i may place in a low position so i can like you, if i become menial, i will not be sitting here to write this article. That's what i wanna talk with you.Although, we are not in love affair, i wanna know more about you. What i considered these days is the reason why i wanna to talk with you. To meet the same cognition, to become "Yuyan Peng" even i just also don't likw Messi, i like Yuyan Peng, I like you.

So, Shall we talk ?

This is Scott from diffulpump, now we can talk more about solar pumps, if you need, if i have, just click to contact with me :

Email/Skype: sales05@diffulpump.com

Tel/WhatsApp:+86 15058288607

Wechat: diffulsales01

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