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Delivery pumps difficultly

Delivery pumps difficultly
Issue Time:2017-02-24

For most part of trader, delivering goods is much more difficult than receiving goods. There are many accidents or difficulties while sending the goods.

Yesterday, there was something trapped me, and i left office for my own staff. But my clients' solar pumps are ready to be sent. There is something difference in my two customers, and one model is the same. 3SSW5-40-48-750 with 72V MPPT controller, another model is 3SSW3-78-48-750 with 48V MPPT controller. Unfortunately, my another customer also has the same models with different numbers. The only difference on the pump is that the former customer requested that the pump should be pasted by their own logo. But the workers in our factory not knew and mixed the two batches of pumps which caused the final mistakes and sent wrong batches for my customers.

Here our workshop worker is packing the solar pump carton.

solar submersible water pumpDC solar pump

When i was aware of this problem that our workers may pack the wrong batch, i called one of my colleague to help, but it was too late, i know that's my fault, but my pumps were on the way to the port. I called the driver hurriedly and hoped to intercept. Fortunately, the solar pumps were not driven so far, and asked the driver to drive back.

From this matter, taught me that all the goods before delivering should be taken photos and all the goods should be confirmed by yourself.

Anyway, if there is something interesting news about solar pumps, please contact with me, let's share it.

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