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  • DIFFUL Solar Pump--Attend the Shanghai Photovoltaic Exhibition
    DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP will attend the Shanghai Photovoltaic Exhibition from June 4 to June 6. At that time, our CEO Frank Fang and sales manager will come to the exhibition site in the future. We will have all kinds of Solar Pumps on display. Deep Well Pump,Solar surface pump,Solar swimming Pool,Solar Aerator.We are one of the professional manufacturers of Solar Pumps in China.
  • DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP--How to remove Pool pump impellers
    When it comes to maintaining a clean pool, you must have a properly functioning pool filter in addition to the right mix of chemicals. If the pool filter stops working, it is impossible to keep the pool clean. The impeller is the heart of the pool filtration system. It creates the suction that draws the water from the pool into the filter. If it becomes defective, you must repair or replace it.
  • DIFFUL SOALR PUMP--Solar Irrigation Pumps: A New Way of Agriculture in Bangladesh
    On a recent field trip to northern Bangladesh, the smiles of Habibur, a young man working in a rice field under the scotching sun caught my attention. Habibur, 28, looked content amidst the wide green vista of fields.
  • DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP--Cause Analysis and Preventive Measures of Water Leakage in Mechanical Seals of Water Pumps
    The working characteristics of water pumps require high precision and reliability of mechanical seals. Their sealing performance plays an important role in the efficient operation and prolongation of service life of the units.
  • DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP--How to Repair a Circulating Pump
    In most residential hydronic heating systems, water is circulated throughout the system using one or more circulator pumps.
  • DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP--How to Repair a Circulating Pump
    In most residential hydronic heating systems, water is circulated throughout the system using one or more circulator pumps.
  • DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP-- Installation and Inspection of Deep Well Pump
    DIFFUL Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of centrifugal pumps such as stainless steel submersible pumps, sewage pumps, submersible pumps, solar pumps, deep well submersible pumps and so on. It has the advantages of scientific research, manufacturing and sales as a whole, perfect quality management system, exquisite scientific research team, and continuous introduction of new products and technologies in the pump industry.
  • DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP--How to replace a pump impeller
    An impeller is a small but important part of a pumping system. It looks like a little three-dimensional propeller. It draws liquid, mainly water, toward it before expelling it through an outlet pipe.
  • DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP--Solar Waterfall Pumps
    Solar Pumps from Providence Trade are use for waterfalls features in your pond and water fountains. Our Solar pump products have a built in solar panels that powers each individual devices. These panels are connected to the pond fountain, waterfall or lighting system. The solar panel does not need to be placed in the exact location of the piece of pond equipment, but it can be placed strategically to catch the most light.
  • DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP--What are the conditions for the use of sewage pumps?
    As for sewage pumps, it can be seen from the naming that the function of this pump is to discharge sewage.
  • DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP--Difference Between Pool Filter & Pool Pump
    In tandem, a pool pump and filter will clean your pool. Separately, they cannot do anything but become useless poolside ornaments. The filter does the heavy cleaning while the pump moves the water to the filter. Together, they create the proper environment for proper pool water filtration.
  • DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP--How to convert a standard Fountain into a Solar Foundation
    Going green in your garden nowadays does not only mean the color of plantings, but implementing environmentally friendly and cost-effective methods to beautify your landscape. Aside from choosing drought-tolerant plantings to save water, add features that can save electricity. Fountains that run on electric pumps can waste energy and money, especially when left running all day.
    If you need to supply water beyond the reach of power lines,then solar power can solve the problem.
  • DIFFUL Solar Pump-- Introduction and Installation Method of Submersible Pump Automatic Coupling Device
    After using the pump coupling device, it is convenient to install and repair. If there is no pump coupling device, the fixed installation. If there is a pump failure, the inspectors need to screw down the screw, lift the pump for inspection, or use other small pumps to pump water down for inspection. If the water quality is dirty, it is difficult for people to go down.
  • DIFFUL Solar pump--Pump Protection and maintenance methods
    In the process of using water pumps, in order to better use the water pump and extend the service life of the pump, we all Regular maintenance and maintenance of the pump is required. The following is a brief introduction.
  • DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP-- Reasons for Overheating of Stainless Steel Submersible Pump Motor and Treatment Method
    The temperature rise of stainless steel submersible pump motor is too high when it is running, which not only shortens its service life, but also causes fire when it is serious. Stainless steel submersible pump motor overheating is often a comprehensive manifestation of motor failure, but also the main cause of motor damage. Motor overheating, first of all, we need to find the heat source, that is, which parts of the heating caused, and then find out the causes of these parts overheating.
  • DIFFUL SOLAR PUMPS--2019 DIFFUL Solar Water Pump Canton Fair
    On this spring day, DIFFUL Solar Pumps participated in the Canton Fair in 2019. Our products are Submersible Solar Pumps Deep Well Pumps Surface Solar Pumps and Solar Aerator. If you are interested in our exhibition, you can come and watch it. Our booth number is 10.3 J 06.
  • Difful SOLAR PUMPS-- How is the flow and head of the pump calculated?
    Pump is a common means of transport media, for the use of pumps many people will use, but many people want to study the pump in depth, but want to use various methods to measure the pump head flow and so on. But they are not too accurate. Now let's share how to measure the flow and head of the pump.
  • DIFFUL Solar PUMP--The Advantage of Solar Pumps
    Solar pumps can dramatically reduce the use of fuel. In today's strong fuel prices, solar pumps can use the continuous solar energy to provide power for pumps, saving time and effort.
  • DIFFUL Solar Pump--The Solution to pumping Without Electrical Lines
    Solar water pumps are different from regular AC powered pumps in more ways than the simple fact that they use DC power instead of AC. Most solar pumps are designed to be used in off-grid situations, and are designed to be extremely efficient.
  • DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP---Solar Water Pump Promotion in April
    To thank old and new customers for their love, DIFFUL Solar Water Pump will be promoted in April.
  • DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP--Solar water pumps to Ecological Agriculture
    Eco-planting is a superior way of agricultural planting. We can grow the greenest vegetables and raise the most fresh aquatic products in the mountains and rivers.
  • DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP--What are the different types of solar water pumps
    There are several different types of solar-powered pumps depending on how they have been classified. But primarily there are four types of solar water pumps-submersible pumps and surface pumps, direct current (DC) pumps and alternate current (AC) pumps.
  • DIFFUL Solar Pump--Maintenance of Solar Water Pump
    The installation of Solar Pumps seems simple, but some small details need to be noted.DIFFUL Solar pump will give you some tips.
  • DIFFUL Solar Pump---Attend a colleague's wedding
    I'm glad that today is my colleague's wedding day. We are in a very happy mood. But in order to do our job well and enable our customers to receive the desired pump earlier, we insist on finishing the work.
  • DIFFUL--How to Use Deep Well Pump
    What's the difference between a deep-water pump and a submersible pump? When should we choose a submersible pump and a deep-water pump?
  • DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP--Add new products Solar Aerator
    Aerobic aerator is mainly used for fishery breeding, to improve the oxygen content in water, so that aquatic products can survive more easily.
  • DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP--Cautions in the Use of Solar Panels
    How to improve the service life of solar water pumps, it needs more maintenance at ordinary times. Let's talk about how solar panels are protected.
  • DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP--A little guard in the desert
    In the desert, there is a small guard who is solving the problem of drinking water for the local residents. He is a solar water pump.
  • NEWS ON DIFFUL PUMP--Reference in Rica
    Costa Rica has dense forests, green beaches, a holy place for tourism and vacation, where there are a group of adventurous people, like the DIFFUL solar pumps, constantly upgrading themselves.

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