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What does the first love mean

What does the first love mean
Issue Time:2017-02-15

Today, I am hear to write down this article not for solar submersible pumps and even not for business. Just because i'd like to discuss with you about what is the first love means. What is the responsibility involves the first love.

Yesterday was 14th Feb, valentine's day. Flowers, chocolate and lovers were fully filled in the romantic atmosphere. There was happiness or rejection, some people happy and some people down. Anyway, expressed best wishes to those who immersed in love. Recent days, there showed up a controversial article in Weibo. A man divorced and would rather to be sent away empty for his first love who was terminally ill, which triggered hot discussion in the Internet. My girl friend(I am still  courting her) asked what i held to the topic. "Sorry, i don't know, it is hard to say" In my brain, i would like to keep silence, every man knows never express your opinion when your girl friend want to discuss with you, because there is no perspective,no option for you and should approve all of her. However, i was the silly dog, i told her "May be the man has first love comples" which makes her really unhappy and caused my lonely valentine's Day.

I shall keep my mind, although the approval is in my mouth. To enhance the affection and strengthen the communication, i think it is necessary to switch different opinion.

From the man's perspective, maybe someone thinks he is great, he is grand, he sacrificed all his possession for his first lover, he comprehended the true love.Wow, he should be respected. From his wife's perspective, we may call him "bad man", no matter how he grand is, that is the truth he put away his original family, he is responsible for his first lover, but he didn't take charge for his wife and his two children. Oh, forget him, he is an irresponsible man, such a bad man never deserves. Alright, how ? What does that matter ?  He must suffered stiff inner struggle, there much be an A and a B in his brain for whom the responsibility should be. You never know, he may suffered a lot of pain before making the final decision. Yes, he is a bad father, he is a bad husband, he is a bad leader for his company. First love may means everything to the involver and means nothing to the spectator for you never know what had happened and you never understand.

So, no meaning of first love, no responsibility for first love. In the passed 30 years, it may just the symbol of your youth. Of course, we have no qualification to analyze this issue and make comments on that man so harshly. What we can say is oh maybe the man has first love comples. That is enough.

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