Submersible Solar Pumps
Solar Pool Pumps

Use solar energy to achieve water transfer. When used, the solar submersible pump is submerged into water. Mainly used for domestic water supply and agricultural irrigation.


Used for water circulation in swimming pool filtration systems. Use solar energy to work. It is an ideal green energy system that integrates economy, reliability and environmental benefits.


Surface Solar pumps
Deep Well Pumps/Solar Aerator

Used to increase water pressure. Allow water to be transported to higher and Bigger ranges. Working with solar energy, it is the most attractive water supply method in the sun-rich regions of the world, especially in remote areas that lack electricity.


It is a pump that is immersed in a groundwater well for pumping and delivering water. Is widely used in domestic water supply, farmland irrigation and drainage, industrial and mining enterprises, urban water supply and drainage.


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