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DIFFUL COMPANY---sales competition closing ceremony In wenling city

DIFFUL COMPANY---sales competition closing ceremony In wenling city
Issue Time:2017-07-27

Sitnce the Apri, there is an activity that held by alibaba which required us to compete the sales performance during the next two month. To improve the sale ability of the new salesmen in Ningbo Branch company, our boss asked those new salesmen in Ningbo branch company rather the salesmen in Taizhou headquarter to attend this activity.

Having experienced this two-month competition, DIFFUL company won the champion of the number of order during the two months.

Througth this competition, we learned a lot, for one thing, our company as the new sales group won the NO.1 of the number of the order, surely, the sales performance also won a good ranking in more than ten companies and more than 80 salesmen. 

Many thanks for alibaba and our boss to give us such a meaningful chance, so that we can improve ourself and also make a beautiful future for DIFFUL company. Of course, the most important thing to thanks is for thoese clients who trust DIFFUL company and placed order to us. Many thanks for you, without you, nobody can image that the new salesmen can made such good ranking with those experienced salesmen.



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