Precautions when using the pump

Precautions when using the pump
Update Time:2018-06-06

1. Ifthe pump has any minor faults, it must not be allowed to work.

2. ifthe pump in the process of using a strong vibration, we must tentatively work,check what caused the cause. Otherwise it will cause damage to the pump.

3. Theinterface between the pump and the pipe must be sealed, because if there is anydebris, it will damage the inside of the pump.

4. afterthe use of the pump must pay attention to maintenance. such as when the pump isused up after the water in the pump should be removed, and to remove the waterpipe and then rinse with water.

5. The tapeon the pump should also be removed, then rinse with water and dry in a lightplace. Do not put the tape in a dark, damp place. The tape of the pump must notbe stained with oil, and do not stick some sticky material on the tape.


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