DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP - Ten Reasons for Installing Solar Water Pumps

DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP - Ten Reasons for Installing Solar Water Pumps
Issue Time:2019-01-21
Solar pumps use sunlight to provide users with an efficient water experience. Why don't you also install one? Here are six advantages of solar pumps.
1.Pumping water anywhere on Earth without external power supply
Solar system provides DC energy pump, so you can install in any location. Once the system is installed and ready, it can run indefinitely. It requires some simple maintenance. Optimal energy efficiency of solar panels requires regular cleaning. On this basis, DIFFUL  also developed AC and DC dual power solar pumps. It can be used not only in sunny days, but also in cloudy and rainy days, providing a guarantee for water supply.
2.Technology and Material Renewal of Solar Water Pump
Stainless steel is used in pump housing and pumping mechanism to ensure proper hygiene and long life, while immersing in water. Stainless steel suspended in water for many years, corrosion resistance, much better than the aluminum pump shell. The stainless steel case is also sanitary and does not pollute the water source. In addition, the pumping mechanism made of stainless steel can reduce the wear and tear caused by sand and other particles, while lifting water from deep underground.
DIFFUL uses a long-life brushless motor. One of the main advantages of DIFFUL is that it does not need to be removed from the well to replace brushes, such as other DC motors. Brushless DC motor with maximum power point tracking (MPPT) controller is more effective than brushless DC motor.
3. The system is low cost and easy to use.
Solar power generation systems used to be expensive, tens of thousands of dollars. Technological advances have made low-cost systems possible and accessible. The main reason is lower prices for solar cells and panels. Solar cell manufacturing has been developed to a very affordable level. Ten times less than the previous cost!
4. No sustained operating costs.
After the initial system cost, there is no continuous operating cost. Every day, the sun shines, the sun shines down, and water is drawn from the depths of the earth, which can save the high price of electricity.
5. Solar pumps are efficient

DIFFUL develops energy-efficient solar water pumps through advanced technology. The newly developed Chu solar water pump has greatly improved compared with the previous system. They generate a lot of energy, require little maintenance, and can be extended for commercial purposes. Height does not affect efficiency, so it is easier to remove snow by installing panels near the ground.
6.Easy to install
We will have special technicians to help customers install solar pumps, but they can do it by themselves. The power system is native, so there is no need to run the main power supply or extend the power supply to a remote location. For farmers with large amounts of land, this function can greatly reduce costs. Its cost is relatively small, because the system is simple.
Our company-DIFFUL

DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP has been focusing on the reaserch and develoment of Solar Pumps for 20 years,and has developed many kingds of products,such as CPM/JET surface pump,small centrifugal solar Pump.In recent year,DIFFUL has also been development A/C DC solar pump to meet customes need.

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