DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP -Construction and Classification of Solar Water Pump

DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP -Construction and Classification of Solar Water Pump
Issue Time:2019-01-17

Solar Pumping System is also called photovoltaic water pump. That is to say,the photovoltaic pumping system is driven by the power generated by the power generated by the photovoltaic array. The whole system is mainly composed of photovoltaic array, solar pumping inverters and pumps. It is an optoelectronic-mechanical integration system that has developed rapidly in recent years. It is the most attractive way of water supply in sunny areas, especially in remote areas where there is no electricity or electricity.  

1.System Composition:

1.1Solar Array:

The main purpose is to convert the solar energy into electrical energy and provide working power for the load pump motor.

1.2Solar Pumping Inverter:

The operation of the solar water pump is controlled and regulated.The pump is driven by the electric energy from the solar array,and the output frequency is adjusted instantly according to the change of sunshine intensity,so that the output power is close to the maximum power of the solar array.


Usually,lifting liquid,transporting liquid or increasing pressure of liquid,that is to say,turning the mechanical energy of the prime mover into liquid energy,so as to ahieve the purpose of pumping liquid machine is collectively called pump.

2.Operation process:

Utilizing the power from solar cells,high-efficiency water pumps are driven by DC,payment magnet,brushless,postion sesor-less,stator rotor double plastic-encapsulated motor or high-speed switched reluctance motor through max power point tracking,conversion and controldeveices.Water is lifeted from the deep surface to the ground for framland irrigation or human and animal drinking.


3.1DC brushless solar water pump(motor type):

Brushless DC motor pump is composed of brushless DC motor and impeller.The shaft of the moter is connected with the impller.There is a gap between the stator and the rotor of the pump.Water will penetrate into the motor for a long time,which increases the possibility of motor burnout.

Advantages:Brushless DC motor has been standardized,the price is very favorable,the efficiency is high.

3.2Brushless DC magnetic isolation solar water pump:

Brushless DC pump uses electronic component commutation without carbon brush commutation.It adopts high-performance wear-resistant ceramic shaft and ceramic bush.The brush can be connected with magntic pump is greatly enhanced.

Advantages:The stator part and the rotor part of the magnetic isolation pump are completely isolated.The stator and the circuit board part are sealed with epoxy resin,100%waterproof,the rotor part is made of permanent magnet,and the pump body is made of environmentally friendly materials.The noise is low,the volume is small and the performance is stable.Various required parameters can be adjusted by winding  of stator,and wide voltage operation can be achieved.

DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP has been focusing on the reaserch and develoment of Solar Pumps for 20 years,and has developed many kingds of products,such as CPM/JET surface pump,small centrifugal solar Pump.In recent year,DIFFUL has also been development A/C DC solar pump to meet customes need.

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